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Londoner (5) [Avatar] Offline
I just received an email from Manning titled MEAP Update: Elm in Action. The body copy says:
What's new?
The author is diligently working on Chapter 7.
So there's no new content to download. Is that just thoughtless spam or does someone at Manning genuinely believe emails like that are helpful to readers who already have overflowing inboxes? Perhaps they should title it MEAP isn't dead (or even On hold 'til Elm 0.19), if that's what they're trying to say. At least then we wouldn't need to check it out at Manning's website, which is (to say the least) a tad retro by current standards.
534571 (1) [Avatar] Offline
I for one got really excited from this email – the author has tweeted that he was trying to get a new chapter done in the next few weeks, so the email was a confirmation for that.
Londoner (5) [Avatar] Offline
Maybe Chapter
stephenc (22) [Avatar] Offline
I appreciate the update, although the subject line could have been clearer (that there are no updates yet).

I would rather that the book was delayed (or kept being written/revised) until 0.19 is published. And I like that the chapter on CSS libraries is being delayed until the respective packages has settled.

What I like about this book is that while it introduces the language, it's also a book that people with more than a year experience in Elm can read and benefit from. Just like the author's Frontend Masters course.

Because of that, I expect this to be the definitive book for learning Elm. And we don't want an 0.18 book on the shelf (and translated to foreign languages) for a couple of years after 0.19 is published.

There are some beginner books/courses that I haven't bought because I didn't know if they were a good use of my time/money. What we're missing is an Advanced Elm book and Advanced Elm video courses.
rtfeldman (60) [Avatar] Offline
Just to elaborate on the update, I'd been working on Chapter 7 but paused because it involves `elm-css` and `elm-css` was in the middle of a major transition.

I talked it over with my editors and concluded that I should switch gears to Chapter 10 (Performance Optimization) because that was more or less decoupled from Chapters 7-9.

I completed a draft of Chapter 10 a few weeks ago, but after getting feedback on it from earlier readers, it was clear that I need to rework the chapter heavily. (This has happened multiple times on previous chapters; unfortunately, sometimes my first attempt misses the mark!)

After realizing this, I also realized I'm closer to completing Chapter 7 than I am 10, so I put 10 back on the shelf and have been working on 7. `elm-css` has completed its transition now, so there's no risk of covering outdated material now.

Thank you all for your patience on this!

stephenc wrote:There are some beginner books/courses that I haven't bought because I didn't know if they were a good use of my time/money. What we're missing is an Advanced Elm book and Advanced Elm video courses.

In that case, you might be excited about an announcement Frontend Masters is going to make soon. smilie
337011 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Richard,

I have two follow-up questions:
- The announcement from Frontend Masters, is it this course: or will it be something else?
- Is your intention to update the book to 0.19 once it comes out?

rtfeldman (60) [Avatar] Offline
The announcement is something else, and I very much intend to update the book when 0.19 comes out!
520031 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Elm 0.19 is out now! when will the book update to 0.19???

rtfeldman (60) [Avatar] Offline
I've been working on updating the book to 0.19 - my goal is to have it turned around to the editors this week, after which there will be an extended review before releasing the update.

It's normal Manning policy to have an extended review after the first 7 (of 10) chapters are complete. I asked that the reviewers hold off until after I'd updated the book for 0.19, since it would seem wasteful to do a full review *before* I'd made the revisions for 0.19!
lc3t35 (3) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Richard,

page 30 : is not available ... (as well as in this blog post :

With 0.19, the main problem is that many packages are not updated yet ... even now (mid september) ...
If you can keep 2 appendix: one for 0.18 and one for 0.19 ?