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Crahun (39) [Avatar] Offline
In chapter 20, in integrations tests part your examples reference to

var builder = WebHost.CreateDefaultBuilder()

In the Arrange step but seems to be WebHostBuilder according to Microsoft documentations, doesn't it?

Maybe I'm confused but I'm trying it and do not work.
Crahun (39) [Avatar] Offline
Ok, You're right, this example works fine but I have to install the Microsoft.AspNetCore.All and Microsoft.VisualStudio.Web.CodeGeneration.Design nuget packages to find the Webhost class. May be you can start integration test section talking about it. I don't find it on the book. It would be useful.
Andrew Lock (51) [Avatar] Offline
Hi, typically that's not an issue - you normally reference a web app project from your test project, and therefore implicitly reference the necessary NuGet packages.

If you were literally just building an "integration test" on it's own then this would be an issue, but then it's not really an integration test smilie

I'll look at mentioning this somewhere though, thanks!