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Hi all,

Chapter 4 has just been published in the MEAP and with that you may have noticed that there's been a bit of a reorganization in the Table of Contents with this, as I've decided to bring some of the more practical chapters forward a bit.

I've almost finished my first draft of Chapter 5 after which it will be reviewed by the Technical Editor before being published in the MEAP. And I've made a good start on Chapter 6 (writing isn't always a sequential thing!) so hope to have that out to you all not long after that.

After that, Manning will do a more thorough review process for Chapters 1-6 (which they also did for Chapters 1-3) and that might involve some more changes and improvements from what the initial MEAP versions.

Then it's on to the final third of the book, before more reviews and all the work needed to make it ready for printing (copy editing, tidying up some of the diagrams, adding and index...etc.). That's not going to be until much later this year though so don't want to get to ahead of myself as still a lot to do before then!

I hope you're enjoying the book and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, then do please open a new topic or reply to this one.