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I would like to buy this book so I can learn how to build a web application with a Sails backend and an Angular 5 front end. Obviously I don't want to buy this book to learn Angular 5, but I would hope that there is enough information in the book to learn how to at least serve up an Angular app from Sails. You can't learn this from angular, all you learn is that there is an "ng serve" command that starts up a fake dev server, but this is of no use when you want to integrate with a real backend, in my case Sails.

So, in brief, as the title says, is this book still relevant and will things still work, taking into account all the errata that is already documented. I don't want to buy this book and find that it's of no use because its out of date, thanks.
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I just started using this book in April 2018. It's awesome! I'm only up to mid chapter 3. Here's some advice:

Make sure you are using Bootstrap 3.3.6 or the css won't look right. When you get to the sails-linker section 3.3 you need to delete that Bootstrap 4 folder in dependencies .