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Will the React in Action's router chapter (i.e. chapter 7) be updated to use react-router v4.2.x [1], particularly react-router-dom [2]?

[1] https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-router
[2] https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-router-dom
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Thanks for your post! I would really like to do that in the second version of the book (and who knows, maybe RR will be V6 by that point! smilie ), but it will require some extensive re-work of the "build your own router" section (which is fine, just something that'll happen in the future). I know that there's quite the appetite to be on the latest version of react router and don't want you to think I don't also feel that. My goal for the chapter and book, though, is more about giving people the fundamental skills to go, for example, build their own version of React Router if they wanted. The library will likely change again as React moves forward (say, with the recent Suspense API announcements), so there's a tension between trying to communicate valuable skills and trying to keep things up to date. I hope that helps!