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[Originally posted by goranth]

Hello, I can not run apps accessing the wrl files:
here is one example I'm running by double-clicking ThirdPerson.bat:

C:J3duiBookexamplesThirdPerson>java ThirdPerson
WARNING: Canvas3D constructed with a null GraphicsConfiguration.
Can't load model at '.... esourcescataloglamp.wrl'.
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException

All the other apps run with no problem.
What could be wrong?

Regards Goran Theander
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Re: Problem finding the wrl files under the resources
[Originally posted by author]

It is odd that this would be the only one not to work since other examples use
the exact same file. I notice in your message that the file name is truncated
and there are no directory separators (slashes). This is most odd. Nothing
obvious comes to mind and I can't reproduce the problem on my end. Sorry.

One thing you could try....Open a DOS window and then type in the name of the
.bat file. Also, what if you try running java yourself, with the classpath
set as in the .bat file.