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[Originally posted by mpullupaxi]

I am doing a research on "The Use of Alternative Technologies of Virtual
Reality for the Library", specifically oriented to the use of Java 3D, to
create virtual worlds. While doing my research I have found serious problems,
but what I have now I was unable to solve for several weeks.

My problem is as follows:

The files I am working on are: Principal-main, Libros-books, Tesis-thesis,
Revistas-magazines y Consultas-consultas. All those files use as a reference
the source code from the example ‘MikeTheRat.Java’, which comes with the file.
When I try to convert Vrml files to Java 3D classes, I have the following
message: “The Normal field is not complete. I will try to fix that....” in all
Vrml files that I use, but the .java files are generated.
When I compile every main class (,,,
Revistas.Java and I have error messages in several classes
(Name), except in the file, which is correctly
compiled. Well, all code errors from (Name) files were solved by
Finally, when I execute every class, absolutely all of them run but there is
no image on the screen; the only result is a dark blue background color. I
don´t know why this is happening, and with this problem I need help.

I could send all Vrml files with their appropriate conversion to Java3D
classes, but without any modification, so that you can see the actual problems
I found during the conversion process if anyone want.

I also made some tests using the source code of the ‘’ ,
‘’ class, which comes with the converter, and the and files/classes, that come with
tutorial examples for Java3D, from Sun, in chapter 4 - Interaction. The new
alternative didn't work either.
The software I am using is:
Java2SDK Version 1.3
Java3D Version 1.2
VRCreator Version 2.0 as a vitual world creator, which generates files with
Vrml 2.0 code.

The sources of information I am using now are:
Java2SDK API Specification, version 1.3
Java 3D API Specification, version 1.2
Java3D tutorial which can be found in
The book Ready-to-Run Java 3D which can be found in

I hope to have your very important cooperation to solve my problems.

Manolo Pullupaxi