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When I decided last summer not to upgrade the code based on React Router to be compatible with RR4, I did so because RR is only a small portion of the book and the overall architecture of an isomorphic app is independent of the router library you use It seemed like the most expedient way to get the book to press. At the time it was also clear that many in-service apps were built on RR3 and that there would be a big base that could benefit from its explanation.

We still think that, but since every day that we're not in print is another day older for RR4, it has become more urgent for readers and caused more dissatisfaction for me to not have the most current information available.

So here's my plan: I'm working to add an appendix explaining how to use RR4 instead of RR3. This will cover the basics of React Router introduced in Chapter 4 as well as how to do some of the other topics included in the book like prefetching of data (Chapters 7-smilie and code splitting (Chapter 11). Each chapter that gets an appendix update will also include a new branch in the github repo with the code upgraded to RR4. I will also add a version of master that is upgraded to RR4. This will provide clear examples of the working app with RR4.

Thank you to all the readers who gave feedback on this topic. It's great to hear about what you want to learn!
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Nobody wants to spend good money on a book that has outdated code. You should have taken a more professional approach and updated the entire chapter.