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During the construction of the book this forum has functioned as both:
- a feedback mechanism for the specific contents of the book
- a technical forum regarding Xamarin programming

I assume the 2nd use was valuable to you because it gave you feedback about topics the readers felt were interesting/important or needed clarification in the book.
Now that we are weeks away from final publication of the first edition, what are your plans for this forum?
Take a well-deserved vacation and never look at it again? smilie
Continue to monitor/respond so that you can develop the Table of Contents for Volume 2?

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This forum will remain as long as the book is published - allowing readers to ask any questions about the content in the book, next steps with their apps, that sort of thing.

The forum is meant to be specific to the book and the content in it, so general questions way outside the scope of the book are better put on the Xamarin forums ( For example if you wanted to ask about Xamarin Forms, Bluetooth, ReactiveUI you'd be better served in the Xamarin forums or Slack channel.

I'll still be active here as long as people need me (within limits of course - I've already invested 15-20 hours a week for a year and a half on this book so I need a break).

As for Vol 2 - we'll see. I honestly think this book is a great way to get started with a good architecture, and there's so many places you can go with building mobile apps that it would be hard to cover everything people would want. The audience for a vol 2 would be limited to those people who needed the particular scenarios, so they may be better served with smaller content. We'll see though - right now I do need a vacation from writing a book! ??

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Regarding break: I highly recommend Fiji.
Regarding Vol 2: It took Donald Knuth 3 volumes, and that was before the world started changing at Internet speed.
Just my opinion, but I could see you adding in 'generic' ways, as well as specific.

For example, the "sad path" could be greatly expanded.
Modal windows.
Logging and reporting back to the developer's web site.
What I think of as "conditional" navigation:
Take the email example: If there is only 1 email, maybe we want to skip the list screen and go directly to the detail screen.
If there are 0 emails, maybe display a message about that condition.

Dig into additional details like the Presenter: what they do, how we can harness them.

Returning values from ViewModels to the "calling" ViewModel.