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The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland) made it clear: "Words mean exactly what I want them to mean. Nothing more, nothing less.".
As a relative newbie to C#, with a background in C++ and Java, I understand Properties to be a stylized version of private, instance variables with getters/setters. Rather than have the IDE create all that as source code, Microsoft has the compiler do the same work, while the actual source code is very sparse.

My point: I thought you (and Microsoft) indicated that backing fields are specifically associated with Properties. They can be auto-generated by the compiler, or explicitly by the programmer, but the term "backing field" only applies to Properties. True or False?

Thus my confusion when bullet #2 states "The counters service is passed in as a constructor parameter and stored in the
backing field".
Would that sentence be more correct if it stated " the instance variable", or words to that effect?

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Probably 'instance field' would be more accurate as it is an immutable field rather than a variable. I'll add this to errata for a later version. Thanks!