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So in section "4.1.2. Creating an HTTP-based liveness probe", I first found it curious that the text just says to create the pod without being explicit about exactly how to do that. Up to this point in the book, it's been very explicit what steps need to be taken. I figured this was the point in the book where we're supposed to just know how to do this.

The text provided the yaml for the pod definition, but also said that the image was pushed to docker hub, so I didn't actually have to enter the yaml text. The text itself didn't actually say what the image was, but I saw the image name in the yaml text, so I figured that was it.

I first tried a couple of different ways to create the pod. I first used the model that creates a replication controller. That worked, but I noticed that even after waiting quite a long time, I never saw the pod restart. I then tried deleting that and just creating a deployment (hadn't even tried that yet). That had the same result. It started the pod, but never restarted it.

So, I deleted that and simply tried entering the text of the given "kubia-liveness-probe.yaml" file in the book. I ran "kubectl create -f kubia-liveness-probe.yaml". That gave me this:

error: unable to recognize "kubia-liveness-probe.yaml": no matches for /, Kind=pod

I found a couple of other occurrences of this error on the net, but I didn't see any resolution for it.
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I later remembered that earlier text had mentioned that the unhealthy app simply returned a 500 status code after a certain number of requests. I inspected the code in the github project to confirm this. So, I tried doing the "port-forward" thing so I could hit the app. I did it several times, until is started giving me "I'm not well. Please restart me!". Unfortunately, no one was listening to it smilie . I listed the pods after getting this message, and it never seemed to restart.
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Seems that there was a typo in the text - the "kind: pod" should of been "kind: Pod" - after I did this, it worked for me...