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Two points:
Have you or Manning considered releasing updates more frequently? More like CI for a programming team, with a "stable" and "daily" branches?
It would prevent people like me from reporting things that have already been fixed.
It will also get "team review" of the changes, not that we ever introduce bugs with our fixes. smilie

You say "In computing terms, a thread is a thread of execution—".
It is generally not a good idea to use a word in its own definition.
Elsewhere you say things like 'a thread is a sequence of executed instructions'.

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Manning release infrequently, due to their stringent editing process - releasing an update is a lot of work as they have to update PDF, Kindle and other ebook formats, and this takes a lot of proofing each time. These books are also reviewed by technical reviewers, editors, copy editors so there is no need to point out typos or similar errors. At the moment the MEAP updates are on hold pending the final image and text reviews, so an other update will be out once this work has been done.

That particular wording was intentional, and approved by the editing teams - it is not defining itself, more expanding on the term.