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What's the target date of availability of pbook of this book. I have placed an order for pbook to be shipped.
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hey there! I can't give an exact date, but the book is in production right now. I'm very anxious to see it published, too! smilie
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Will the points made on this forum be addressed? It looks as though you have gone AWOL.
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Yes, I've done my best to address all the points mentioned here. The book is in production and will differ from the latest MEAP release. I'm certainly not "AWOL"; you should see a few posts addressed even in the past few days. We all have busy schedules and do our best to get to things as possible. Thanks!
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There are a lot of questions and issues on this forum which you haven't answered. When do you think you will have time to do this?
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I'm doing my best to get to them as I have time and won't provide an estimate/my schedule, understandably. I've addressed many, if not all, of the posts in the book itself (that is, things may have been addressed/fixed even though I didn't post a reply). Please feel free to note things you find here though and I'll make sure they're addressed in the book (either in this version or the next) — I really appreciate it. Thanks!
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OK, but don't expect people to buy the book if they see so many unaddressed issues in the forum. It would at least be courteous to reply to people who have helped you.
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Like I said, I only have so much time, but I do try to get to as many as I can. Thanks for the feedback!
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It wouldn't take more than a few minutes to at least thank them. If you're too busy to do even this it might be better if you gave up the project to somebody else.