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When you follow the instructions in Chapter 3, you can run your lambda function up to 3 times before exceeding free tier. If you test with a large video file, you start paying even faster.

This is because Free Tier is only allowed 10 minutes of Elastic Transcoder time per month AND processing time for each file is rounded UP to the nearest minute. And you generate 3 every time you run that lambda function!!!

To reduce costs, some ideas: 1. comment out lines in the lambda function to only generate one file, 2. transcode to SD format, which is 1/2 cost of HD.... but that still only gives you 10 tests per month.

See AWS ETS Pricing here: and run this lambda test with care!!!

Amazon Elastic Transcoder Pricing
Pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee. Pricing depends on the duration and resolution of the content that you output. Each output file is billed in whole minute increments where each partial minute is rounded up to the next full minute....