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Besides celebrating Xmas with the family, December was all about working through feedback of the Delivering Quality Swift Code chapter, where we'll go in depth about how to give some extra oomph to your code via proper use of documentation, comments, naming, and abstractions. The chapter will be less code-centric but very valuable nonetheless. Especially when you're doing code assignment or working on teams. This chapter will be released next, so something to look forward to! smilie

In December, I wrote the first draft of the Understanding map and flatMap chapter. There are a ton of "aha" moments for the first Swift developers that I showed this chapter to, and it's being refined as we speak. The chapter will gradually introduce you from small techniques to advanced ways of iterating through arrays, sequence, collections, and dictionaries. Besides that, the chapter will heavily focus on advanced optional use to severely clean up and reduce the amount of code that you'll have to write. All in all it will really scratch that functional programming itch. I'm very excited about it and hope that you will learn many new things to add to your Swift vocabulary.

At the moment I am writing the Error Handling chapter as well, I just started but I aim to show a lot of best practices. One of the reasons is that Apple does such a good job at explaining error handling in Swift, but what I find lacking is a best practices look at error handling. Also, Swift's asynchronous error-handling is pretty much non-existent, so I want to showcase concise and powerful code that you can write to approach asynchronous error-handling.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if I can add anything that you'd like to see!