Marc (34) [Avatar] Offline
Where does MvvmCross publish the dependencies for each release?
For example, the SquareRt project uses MvvmCross 5.2.1 and Xamarin...
Yet I see warnings that suggest the Nuget package versions might not be compatible.

Because I'm starting a new Android/iOS project, I assume a developer should always start with the newest MvvmCross, currently 5.6.3.
Most bug fixes, etc.
How do I know what version of Xamarin packages to use?
Again, newest seems best, but only if they are compatible.

Jim Bennett (88) [Avatar] Offline
Pretty much use the newest of everything for new projects.

My book recommends sticking with the given versions so that the text is guaranteed to match the code.

MvvmCross provides some good upgrade guides as you move to newer versions, so once you are happy with the principles in the book, use the latest version of everything to ensure you get all the newest goodies. The MvvmCross team will also only support the newest versions, and are really good at ensuring compatibility with the latest Xamarin libraries. Xamarin release everything as pre-release versions before going stable, so MvvmCross is fully compatible once they go stable. I always run latest stable and rarely have problems. Once good tip though - if you upgrade anything (Xamarin, NuGet package etc.) do a full clean and rebuild. It's worth manually deleting all bin and obj folders as well.