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I took advantage of Manning's year end sale.
I mean that in the worst sense of the word.
This book is absolutely worth the full asking price.
How do I send you the extra twenty bucks?

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Wow - thanks! Really glad you like the book. Honestly, no need to send the extra bucks!

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OK, I'll made a donation to the OpenCollective.

I know Microsoft bought Xamarin in 2016.
How does MvvmCross fit into that lashup?
How do you fit into Microsoft, Xamarin and MvvmCross?

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Thanks - it takes a lot to support open source, so donations really help.

MvvmCross is an open source Mvvm framework built by a lot of awesome people. Other great frameworks are available (such as MvvmLight), but I needed to pick one framework to use for the examples, and used MvvmCross as it is a very popular framework. I do briefly cover MvvmLight in one of the appendices.

When I started writing the book I was a Xamarin MVP - so didn't work for them and instead built Xamarin apps for a product company in New Zealand, but contributed a lot to the community through talks, blog posts, sample code etc. I now do work for Microsoft, and my role is all about engaging with developers who want to use Xamarin to build cloud-connected mobile apps with Azure (, so outside the scope of the book. I've used MvvmCross a lot and know the main contributors well, but don't contribute anywhere near as much back to the MvvmCross community as I should.