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I'd just like to reiterate Manning's welcome message and thank you all for showing interest in this book.

I am convinced HTTP/2 is an important, and interesting, upgrade to the web technology stack and will hopefully help avoid some of the needs of the old web performance hacks, while also introducing all new opportunities for us.

I'll be keeping a close eye on this forum so welcome all feedback, and constructive suggestions to make the book better on this forum.

For those of you not familiar with MEAP books, the chapters released under that have not yet been copy-edited and have not been professionally proof-read. There are typos in there, despite this manuscript having been read my multiple people, and a few of us multiple times. I spot at least 3 typos every time I re-read the chapters and probably add another 3 while I'm at it! I appreciate they are frustrating, but they will be ironed our before final publication, so I would encourage you to not worry about them too much. Feedback on what is useful in the chapters so far, what's not, what is missing, questions on whether a topic will be covered later, technical mistakes...etc. will be much more beneficial than shaming me with all the typos that are undoubtedly in there smilie

I'll endeavour to respond quickly to anything raised here and, to reiterate a bit from my welcome letter at the start of the MEAP: I can’t promise I'll implement everything you come back to me with, but I will promise to take it all on board.

Happy reading and thanks again for the interest in the book,