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Just as small suggestion: Even though servers running on macOS may be uncommon, readers (or at least this reader...) might still want to test HTTP/2 on a Mac. As such, it would be great to include some instructions for macOS in Appendix A, even if it's only by providing links to instructions such as http://blog.cloud66.com/installing-nginx-and-http-2-in-your-local-development-environment/.
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Hi hettlage,

Thanks for the feedback! I will consider this as I know Macs are popular for many web developers.

However I am never going to be able to include instructions for all computer types, and do feel macOS, being based on Linux should be able to follow the instructions given for that (though again I've restricted myself to Red Hat/Centos Linux than all flavours of Linux).

Saying all that, I'll admit it's been a while since I worked on macOS so could be some extra steps it requires. I should be getting access to a Apple computer in next month or two so will keep this in mind.

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Hey @hettlage, just as an FYI this has been included now, but unfortunately just missed the latest MEAP. I presume you got it installed but let me know if you need any help with this.
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Just because I am pedantic: macOS is not based on Linux. It is based on BSD that is a bit different flavor of Unix. It, however, does not invalidate the fact that macOS developers should more or less easily get along using the Linux instructions as far as HTTP/2 server testing is the scope.
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Fair point. Bad choice of wording...
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MacOS instructions for various options for Apache and Nginx are included in the latest MEAP (v4) in Appendix A.