Marc (34) [Avatar] Offline
On page 299 you say "These toolbars are available in the Android SDK on
Lollipop and later, and in the support library for earlier OS versions. Seeing as we want
to support as many versions as possible we’re going to use the support library version of
the toolbar."

I know the book could be infinitely long if you included everyone's suggestion.
Like all suggestions, this is your call.

Is it useful to add 2 or 3 sentences to show how programmers can select which toolbar (SDK or support library) to use?

If this was Java the answer might talk about which jar's to put in the classpath and/or which packages/classes to reference.

Jim Bennett (88) [Avatar] Offline
Interesting suggestion, but the book does recommend always using the support libraries in an earlier section. Ideally you should always use them to ensure the widest compatibility.