Marc (34) [Avatar] Offline
On page 292 you recommend using all lower case and underscores for the names of XML files.
Yet, 4 lines above, the FirstView.axml file that ships with the example code is camel case.

Much more important that my personal preference (I like CamelCase) is how the binding code operates.
If axml files follow the lowercase & underscore standard, how does that impact ViewModel .cs files?

In your opinion, should a bug be filed with MvvmCross?

Jim Bennett (88) [Avatar] Offline
Android does used lower case with underscores by convention, so it probably should one fixed in the VS extension to be consistent. I'll raise it as an issue and look into it.

Essentially though - most of the time it doesn't matter, except when it does. Some layouts (such as using navigation drawers) will simply not work without lower case names. It's such a pain.