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Using the Policies, HTML, Js and Lambdas...I'm getting this error when trying to test the createUser Lambda provided. Anybody have any ideas why this may happen?
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Here's the Lambda
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Looking at cryptoUtils.js, on p. 169, that is probably complaining about the first parameter, password, which is also the first parameter to computeHash(), which is being called at line 85 of ll.js; it comes from event.password, where event is passed in to the handler.

When you say "test it", do you mean clicking on "Test" from the AWS Lambda console? I get the same error (or *almost* the same error, it just says "TypeError: Not a buffer") if I just test it with an empty input event. If I set the right fields (password, email, and in my case name since I did the exercise to add that) then it works.