Phil Caithness (3) [Avatar] Offline
Great course so far.
Particularly interested in the way you run integration tests on lambda's.
I am not sure why you are wrapping the test's describe() handler with co.
I understand why you are using generators in lambda's, and thus why they need to be wrapped in co - to 'run' the generators iterator.
I also understand why you are wrapping the before() and it() handlers in co in the tests - same reason.
But why use a generator (and thus wrapping it in co) for the describe() handler ?

Yan Cui (71) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Phil,

You're right, the describe() handlers don't need to be wrapped by co, I do it out of habit more than anything else.

Phil Caithness (3) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks. Thats good to know, cause I am still trying to solidify my understanding of generators and co smilie