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Very new to this node.js. Try to follow example to start learning it.

Could anyone help me see why the example echo_server.js on page 33 does not work. It has only a few lines and i repeatedly checked the code i typed in and it has no difference from book.

I run the code by "node echo_server.js"
and then go to another Windows console type in "telnet 8888". It does not show anything and no error. Looks like telnet session is there (but maybe waiting for response?) and i even cannot kill the session using Ctrl-C (but i killed it by closing cosole)

Anything i am missing?

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Hello there,

Maybe there is something going wrong with your telnet command tool - check if it has been installed properly here:

You can also any other telnet client like putty (https://www.putty.org/) to see what happens.