Yung-Jin (1) [Avatar] Offline
In section "3.1 Bag of Words" you end up importing some text about kites using the following code:

 from import kite_text 

I'm not sure which version of nlpia this is from, but in the latest version 0.1.1 (as of Dec 28, 2017) it looks like this data has be moved around and the new code should be:

 from import kite_text 
Utku.Kaynar (1) [Avatar] Offline
+1. All code regarding "from import" should be fixed like this.
hobs (58) [Avatar] Offline
Good catch. The NLPIA package is evolving in parallel with the text. Now that the first draft is nearly complete, we'll be reviewing all the code examples to make them consistent with the `nlpia` package.