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81132 (1) [Avatar] Offline
I just finished two chapters in the book, 1 and 2, and really interested to know what people think about the book.

I am not happy to say that I am finding this book difficult.
I acknowledge that the author seems knows the subject very well, because he talks about the subject with confident.
But I think he wasn't lucky in choosing the language and the style of language he is communicating with.
He spend so much time on un-necessary , not technical work, (for example, explaining how to be polite in language, and how thoughts works), but at the same time just going fast on very important stuff, and major technical points.

Like for example , when he explained the bag of words, or One-Hot vector.
those happen to be very important algorithms in NLP, and he should explain them in more depth, or at least refer to external reference about them.
hobs (58) [Avatar] Offline
Very good feedback. You aren't alone. I'm the author responsible for the confusing ideas and progression in the book. We'll be revising the style and content to address your concerns and help make it more appropriate to beginning computer scientists and NLP practitioners. We'll also have appendices to supplement the "main" thread of the text.