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dustin (14) [Avatar] Offline
Hey everyone, thanks for checking out Voice Applications for Alexa and Google Assistant and coming her to share your feedback. Please let me know any feedback you have. What's not clear, what could be improved, what worked really well?

I want this book to work well for you, so don't hold back on your feedback or questions. There will be some things that I didn't consider in the initial writing. If you point those out, you'll help me, help your future fellow readers, and get the answers to your questions in a timeline manner--I promise.

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from all of you.
471774 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Voice applications...
Really excited about this topic and looking forward to the book. I am very interested in real world projects using intelligent voice apps in the field of finance.

On an aside are we now seeing the dawn of human to machine dialogue replacing human to human communication.

If it walks like a human, talks like a human then it must be ...well?????
42154 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Great start!
The 1st few chapters made me buy an Echo Dot, finally find an applicable use case for AWS Lambda and accept JavaScript as a necessary evil ... what more can I ask for? smilie
Besides that so far well done (reasoning about Chatbots, mixed audio/visual, etc.)
I hope the next chapters are coming soon!
Mohammad Inzamam Malik (13) [Avatar] Offline
first of all Thank you very much for such nice step of writing book for chatbot and voice technology,
I'm Chatbot and VUI developer and i was looking for a book from a long time like 6 months and your book looks like first of its kind

I appreciate your effort, in fact I was thinking for writing a book myself in next 2 months in order to train my students in professional level, even i started recording small videos on udemy and got 5000+ enrollments (