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Hi, I had to make a few minor styling changes to make the Star Wars App look right:

  • - The React Navigation back arrow was showing as blue on iOS, and wasn't visible on Android (presumably it was black). To make it yellow, I had to set People.navigationOptions.headerTintColor to '#ffe81f'.
    - Since I'm an iOS user, I'm not used to the fact that the header by default appears left-aligned, not centered. So the fact that the header title was completely flush with the left-hand side. I was able to fix this by adding `marginLeft: 20, marginRight: 20` to the style of the header Image. (The right margin keeps it centered on iOS)

  • Thanks for your hard work on the book!
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    Hello! Thanks for pointing this out, and I apologize for the mistake. We will double check this and fix before the next release. Thanks!!
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    Update, this has been updated and will be part of the next release. Thanks again!!