Jacek Laskowski (37) [Avatar] Offline

Just noticed that Kafka Streams 1.0.0 has marked KStreamBuilder as deprecated in favour of StreamsBuilder.

I understand that while updating all the code samples so they work with the release of Kafka v1.0. in the upcoming MEAPs it will get fixed, but I wonder what the driving factors behind the deprecation were?

What was wrong with KStreamBuilder?

Bill Bejeck (47) [Avatar] Offline

The depreciation of KSteamsBuilder was part of a larger refactoring effort (https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/KAFKA/KIP-120%3A+Cleanup+Kafka+Streams+builder+API) to clean up the KafkaStreams API. The old KStreamsBuilder extended the TopologyBuilder and there was some "leaking" between the DSL and Processor API layer.