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Apparently none of the people who 'copyedited [sic] tech reviewed, proofread and updated' the book noticed that Part One has the title from a completely different book.

"Many people have ideas for awesome apps, but you have decided to do something about it,
take the plunge and learn iOS app development. Congratulations and good luck on your
Before you get too deep into the ins and outs of app development, you need to focus on
foundation skills. In this part, you’ll explore the development environment and learn about
Apple’s language for development in iOS, Swift.
In chapter 1, you’ll examine Xcode, Apple’s own software for building iOS apps.
Then, in chapters 2 and 3, you’ll take a lightning tour of what’s new, different, and exciting
in Swift. Chapter 2 focuses more on different syntax and data types, while chapter 3 takes a
look at objects in Swift. You’ll explore Swift in Xcode playgrounds, a tool that helps you focus
purely on programming, without concerning yourself with app development.

Not in this book, you won't.
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This was an error and has since been resolved.