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Hello Mark & Steven,

as I'm getting through the next chapters, I'm considerably appreciate the effort you've put into this book – thanks! Sometimes, however, I note words that should not be used in given context so I'll just leave it here for further considerations (I'm reading PDF format):

– p. 105; Extremely big object graphs panel; is: "Many of the classes in the system where huge with way too many dependencies.", should be: "Many of the classes in the system were huge with way too many dependencies.";
– p 186; Leaky abstractions panel; is: "[...] we which to abstract from", should be: "[...] we wish to abstract from"; it occurs twice in this panel;
– p 240; NOTE panel; is: ".NET Core is built completely around a asynchronous programming model", should be: "Core is built completely around an asynchronous programming model"
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I just fixed this in our repository. It might take some time for those changes to be reflected in the downloads though.

Thanks for reporting this.
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in chapter one:

I typically has one method allowing the creation of all sorts of types, much like in the following listing:

Should be:

It typically....