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It is Dec 9, 2017. This book has been in MEAP since July 2016! The estimated publish date is sometime this month, yet it is not complete and already quite out-dated, and the last update was a month ago. It really does not seem that the author or Manning has any real commitment to finishing it with a high degree of quality, quickly.
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Done with MEAPs - this "book" is last straw
I know it’s frustrating waiting for ages to get a book, but keep in mind that writing a book requires a lot of time, and often is the biggest work for the authors, and not everybody is up to that task.
An EAP is a bet for everybody, including us the readers, and any date should be considered as a raw estimate.
I’ve seen MEAPs cancelled when the author where not able to finish his job or the quality was not high as we expect from Manning. In that case they provide either full refund or you can pick another book from their catalog.

When I buy EAPs, I’m supporting authors and publishers on a topic I am interested but have no deadline; if I’m in a hurry I look for a published work.

If you can keep waiting a little more (the author may be wrapping his writing for a final edition) we might see it released this month, but if you can’t ask for a refund or swap it for another book: they’re very reactive with that smilie

And have a merry Christmas.
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Hi, I'm the Development Editor for this book (the book project manager while the book is in Development).

Thanks for purchasing the MEAP to this book and others.

I know it's frustrating for a book to take a while to write. The author is almost done with the book--all chapters have been written and he's making the final revisions in preparation for final review.

The author has also taken care to keep the book up to date. Would you be willing to help out by pointing out what sections are out of date?

Thanks in advance.
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Speaking for other purchasers, I appreciate the author's efforts on this, as well as Manning's commitment to publish an up-to-date book. For me if that means waiting, not a big deal. I've had other MEAPs that were cancelled and Manning always gave the option of a refund or *two* additional books of my choice. Can't argue with that.

Looking forward to this text,

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React Native in Action
Developing iOS and Android apps with JavaScript
Nader Dabit
MEAP began July 2016 Publication in December 2017 (estimated)
ISBN 9781617294051 300 pages (estimated) printed in black & white

-> No update release date. Now, we are in February
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>>The author is almost done with the book--all chapters have been written and he's making the final revisions in preparation for final review.

This dishonest and misleading statement was made five months ago.
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I think the React ecosystem is constantly in flux with fast changes. I would rather the book be up to date and late than rushed out the door and obsolete. Let's try to understand that React is a fast moving target with the only thing being constant is change itself.

Nader Dabit, knock it out of the park bro!
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It should be both, obviously. What typically happens with MEAPs is that, because there is no oversight of the authors, they do nothing for months and the book gets out of date. They are then too lazy to update it and it is published with obsolete code.