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Tjeerd in 't Veen (23) [Avatar] Offline
I am very thankful for all reviewers, readers, and people who reach out to me that are loving the book. The book seems to do a good job filling those knowledge-gaps, which is was I am aiming for!

Judging from the first reviews, most reviewers seemed to love the enums chapters. Because of that, I made a particular effort to update the polymorphism section for extra clarity. Second, I added a section with more theory behind algebraic data types, since some readers were interested in the product type/sum type theory. But in the end, I want to deliver a practical book, so I made sure that the theory section even includes a useful trick to convert an enum to a struct and back again.

The higher-order functions and generics chapter is written in November and released last week. I am excited about sharing it!

From real-world experience, higher-order functions and generics seemed like two topics that most developers want to add to their core skills. Especially generics appear to be the most sought-after topic. That's why I worked very hard to make the generics chapter easy to digest and fun to read. The chapter packs a punch but I think has a nice flow to it to teach you all about higher-order functions, generics and even incorporates some core concepts, such as the Hashable, Comparable and Equatable protocols.

Internally I also have delivered the "Delivering quality Swift code" chapter and it's being reviewed. This chapter will be released next. It will cover the topic of delivering code in such a way to help readability, documentation, naming, large classes and even generics. It will contain anything that I can think off to help you deliver your code at a mature level. It's the least code-centric chapter of the book, but perhaps one of the more important ones! I am confident it will help a lot when working in large teams or if you're about to perform a code-challenge to land that exciting job.

December will be about writing the map and flatmap chapter and celebrating Christmas with my family. I wish you happy holidays.

I hope you don't forget to check out Manning's special deals every day in December! there are many good deals to be found ... after you're done reading Swift in Depth of course smilie

Thank you so much for reading and please let me know if you want something added or changed in the book. I am very open to suggestions and want to work very hard to give you a ton of value in each chapter.

See you next month!