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November has a very productive month. The next MEAP should be out very shortly.is out!.

The chapter includes some neat material that I'm hoping will be rewarding and enjoyable to work through:

• implementing a CPU in software
• designing your own number format
• extracting individual bits from bytes
• deconstructing floating point
• quite a bit more!

You'll notice a change in approach with Part 2. We're really starting to introduce systems programming concepts into the book. Part 1 probably has 85% of its new material as Rust, 15% systems programming. Part 2 is the reverse. New concepts will be roughly 85% on the systems programming side, with code examples reinforcing Rust that was skimmed over in the early chapters.

The focus of November was been to add features, rather than fix bugs. If you have submitted to the forum and/or participated in the review, please know that I do appreciate your comments and they will be addressed in Q1 2018.

Highlights of the month

• Chapter 5 has been submitted for publication. It has been passed through the eyes of a general editor and a technical editor and should be with you very soon.
• Chapter 6 is in the advanced stages. I'm hoping to have it finalized before the 17th so it will be with you before the end of the year.
• Invisible to readers, but still important, were are few internal Manning processes that have been completed. The senior staff are very happy with the book's progress. (Phew!)

News & Special Offers

• Manning's marketing team tells me to let readers know that they should monitor their Countdown to 2018 event for heavily discounted prices on its products (as well as some fun quizzes!). I believe that Fridays (in the USA) are especially rewarding.
Rust in Action has a Facebook page that you're welcome to follow. I am quite bad at Facebook though, so my Twitter account tends to have much more regular updates.
• I have begun to try document interesting (non-Windows, non-UNIX) operating systems and their aims. Do you know of any? I'm missing plenty.
• Would you rewrite the Linux kernel in Rust? I do my best to avoid a flamewar on Quora on that question.

Questions for Readers

• Would you like to be acknowledged by name in the book's acknowledgements section? If so, please send me a private message (many forum participants don't provide their name).

Thanks all for your support.

TS McNamara