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I am presently in chapter 2, Listing 2.4, of the book. My keras/kerasR-interface (under WIN10 & Anaconda) does not know the function mentioned above. All components are up-to-date, i.e. I'm using the newest versions respectively. Could anybody possibly

1. ...supply a naive version to be implemented directly in R by myself


2. .. give any useful hint how to get acces to the original mentioned in the book
(would be preferred, since it's probably much faster)

Tnx in advance,
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That function is in the latest version of the keras package on CRAN (v2.0.9). If you update keras from CRAN and everything installs correctly then you should be good to go.
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Tnx for replying!
v2.0.9. was the version I had. In the meantime I have found v2.1.1.9001 from devtools::install_github("rstudio/keras"); this actually now contains array_reshape() (under 'reticulate') and is working.
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Okay, glad it's working. v2.0.9 does indeed have array_reshape (rexported from reticulate v1.3). It's possible you had an older version of reticulate installed before upgrading?
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Yeah - that may be; unfortunately I can't see the previous version number any more, since it has been overwritten by the new keras package and everything coming with it. I definitely do know, however, that the array_reshape()-function was then not contained in reticulate - I have thoroughly searched every part of keras and its sub-units, I can tell you!-)

In this package, ‘reticulate’ is version, it contains the reshape-function, and with that version, the program is now working smoothly. I'm happy...

Thanks a lot for your interest in my problem. I really appreciate that.

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Okay, thanks for the elaboration. Glad things are working now!