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Great book, I have made it to the final section and built the example all along the way which has been a great learning exercise.

However I have a few problems when I try to use the Angular App from Express.

1. The build too does not give a vendor bundle as shown in the book - is this necessary?
2. When the Express application is loading I get an uncaught reference error: webpackJsonp is not defined at pollyfills.<number>.bundle.js
3. Also I get an uncaught Error: Angular requires Zone.js
4. Problem with loading

Can anyone help me with these errors?

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I'm having the same issues.

4) was easy enough to fix by copying the file from the github source into my local directory ./public/stylesheets/. Note that the stylesheets directory is later copied into ./app_public/src/assets

1) I'm not getting a vendor file either during the ng build...

3) I'm also getting the error that angular requires zone.js when I try to load from localhost:3000 <<<solved, see below>>>

zone seems to be included in the polyfills.js file, but it doesn't seem to be getting imported. My versions for angular/cli follows

Angular CLI: 1.6.0
Node: 6.11.1
OS: win32 x64
Angular: 5.1.0
... animations, common, compiler, compiler-cli, core, forms
... http, language-service, platform-browser
... platform-browser-dynamic, router

@angular/cli: 1.6.0
@angular-devkit/build-optimizer: 0.0.35
@angular-devkit/core: 0.0.22
@angular-devkit/schematics: 0.0.41
@ngtools/json-schema: 1.1.0
@ngtools/webpack: 1.9.0
@schematics/angular: 0.1.10
@schematics/schematics: 0.0.10
typescript: 2.4.2
webpack: 3.10.0

OK, found my problem. I had the main.###.bundle.js file included before the polyfills.###.bundle.file polyfills contains the inclusion of zone prior to main attempting to access it. It was clearly written in the book, I just missed it.