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Hi All,

We've been working on an updated version which rounds out the remaining content. This is quite a large update, and includes the following:

- Remaining chapters (13 - 16): We start this section by delving into some of the more advanced Aurelia topics like custom binding behaviors, and custom attributes with dynamic options. Then we take a look at how to test the major parts of an Aurelia application, from custom elements and attributes to services and value converters. Finally, we wrap up by showing how you can bundle your application and deploy to a cloud service provider (Firebase). I'm excited to get feedback from readers on chapter 13 in particular.

- We have a brilliant tech proofer who has been hunting down any inconsistencies in the code listings, to help avoid the snags that some of you may have run into when attempting to follow along with the my-books project. This update includes many edits along that vein (many of which have already been released to the GitHub repository).

- The feedback on the forum and GitHub repository has been amazingly useful, with one reader even submitting pull requests to some of the code listings (thanks Maik!). Most (if not all) of these changes have been factored in to this update.

So what's next? With all the time and effort going into creating these new chapters, there hasn't been as much time as I would have liked for review and polish. With the first version of these chapters complete, it's time to switch context and make sure all the content is in top shape as we prepare for production.

Once again, I wanted to thank everyone who's participated in the MEAP program. Your assistance has already gone a long way in creating a much better book.

Keep the comments coming!

Sean Hunter
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