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The sidebar in section 4.3 discusses installing Node.js; however, it does not explicitly recommend a minimum release of Node.js to use for the examples to work. Assuming that somebody is installing Node.js for the first time, there is a good chance that they will install a 6.x release and the examples will work. However, a reader could have an older version of Node.js installed and the nodecc example could throw errors.
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Hi Ed,

thanks for your feedback.

Our examples are built based on nodejs version 8.

There is a small hint at the beginning of each section/chapter. But Michael and I discussed an approach to clarify the requirement recently.

The sidebar will include the following with the next version: All examples in this book are tested with Node.js version 8.

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Hi Ed,

I added the version hint to the book. I'm not sure when it will be updated in the MEAP but it will be in the final book.

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Just tried to run the S3 Bucket gallery
Received following Error using
node -version

Error occurs opening Webpage on Port 8080
richa@xps8900 MINGW64 ~/gallery
$ node server.js richardm
Server started. Open http://localhost:8080 with browser.
throw new Error('Buffer.write(string, encoding, offset[, length]) ' +

Error: Buffer.write(string, encoding, offset[, length]) is no longer supported
at Buffer.write (buffer.js:740:11)
at Parser.scanText (C:\Users\richa\gallery\node_modules\mu2\lib\mu\parser.js:67:14)
at Parser.tokenize (C:\Users\richa\gallery\node_modules\mu2\lib\mu\parser.js:32:3smilie
at Object.exports.parse (C:\Users\richa\gallery\node_modules\mu2\lib\mu\parser.js:11:17)
at C:\Users\richa\gallery\node_modules\mu2\lib\mu.js:40:21
at tryToString (fs.js:425:3)
at FSReqWrap.readFileAfterClose [as oncomplete] (fs.js:412:12)