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*The previous version allowed the upload, but failed to run the transcoder.
*The error said "unable to import module 'index'..."
*I found a forum thread where someone mentioned the package.json file was required.
*So, I deleted the json file exclusion and it worked fine. I have three files in my transcoded folder on S3.
*I also excluded my git folder because I don't think it needs to be part of it.

It took me a while to figure this out, so I hope it helps someone else...

I ended up using 7-Zip, downloaded here (I'm on WIndows 7 64-bit):

I found these docs:

This package.json entry was successful for me:
"predeploy": "7z a -r * -xr!*.zip -xr!*.log -xr!*git\\*"

The syntax is apparently, "Use 7-Zip to add to the file I want you to create called and recursively get everything in the current folder and it's subfolders except zip files and log files anything in the git folder."

I'll edit this or reply to it later if I find out it isn't working right, but for now I get what the book says I'll get. **I edited it**

- Jeff