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In Section 8.5 Table 8.1, both by.binding and by.model are documented as for AngularJS and not implemented for Angular.
This is no longer true.

When I run the Protractor Tutorial ( ), Step 1 uses by.model and Step 2
uses by.binding and they both work for Angular.

The other reason this should be fixed is because the Protractor style guide ( )
advises us to "Prefer protractor locator strategies when possible" and then lists by.model and by.binding as examples.

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The post is incorrect. Just because I can run the Protractor Tutorial does not mean that the test site is Angular 4.

Just saw the Protractor compatibility notes in
and it also says that "Protractor works with AngularJS versions greater than 1.0.6/1.1.4, and is compatible with Angular applications. Note that for Angular apps, the binding and model locators are not supported. We recommend using by.css."

So, the Protractor Style Guide section I mentioned is for AngularJS, not Angular.