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Section 6.2.2, under the heading PIECING IT TOGETHER, contains this paragraph (emphasis mine, BSC):

We saw in Chapter 5 how we can change specific details of an actor’s deployment through the
use of Props which we pass into the actor system when we want to spawn an actor. We can
choose to specify the supervisor strategy on the Props such that it’s decided by the actor
responsible for deploying it. In the example below, we choose to specify the supervisor
strategy as part of the Props. If we’ve got a simple actor responsible for communicating with a
database called a DatabaseCommunicationActor, we can create the Props for it by using the
Create factory method. Once we’ve got the basic Props responsible for creating the actor, we
use the fluent API to create a new Props object with the supervisor strategy on it. The
supervisor strategy is declared exactly the same as in the previous example.

... but Figure 6.10 that follows creates a Props based on AnomalyDetector instead of a DatabaseCommunicationActor. This appears to be a mismatch.