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Section 2.4.2 contains the following paragraphs:

The first step to achieve this is to create a new text file within the project. We’ll call it
resource.conf in this example. We’ll also need to ensure that this file is set to copy on build.
We’re then able to read this file in to our application and parse it into the configuration.

Now that we’ve created a configuration file, we’re able to load it into our actor system. By
default, Akka.Net uses the strategy we saw above whereby it will use the configuration file you
provide, but any missing values will then be inserted as sane defaults and provided by
Akka.Net. This means that you don’t need to create a large configuration file which contains
every setting which might be needed by Akka.Net and instead you only need to specify the
individual settings you want to change.

It looks as if an example code block may have been inadvertently omitted. Nevertheless, there is no explanation or code example of how to load the configuration. Apparently, passing it in as an argument to ActorSystem.Create() is necessary, but that is not obvious from the paragraphs above. Also, even though it should be old hat for most .NET developers, a line that reads the file would probably helpful in the same code block:

var hocon = File.ReadAllText("resource.conf");
var config = ConfigurationFactory.ParseString(hocon);
var system = ActorSystem.Create("MyActorSystem", config);