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While going through chapter 4 Templates I see that originalNumberOfBooks is camel case in the view-model but in the view it is cabob case with the (dot) .one time. why is it cabob case and not just all lowercase or camel case?

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Thanks for the feedback. This should be consistent. I'll review the listings around that and correct for the upcoming MEAP smilie.

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I think the listings are correct. Typescript throws a compile error if it is any other way then cabob case, I was just wondering way that is? Is that the convention for multiple word attributes?
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Ah yes, my apologies. I didn't read this correctly.

Aurelia uses InitCase within view-models and kebab-case in view templates. The naming convention is described here:


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I think there may be some confusion. I'm not referring to the file naming convention. in book-stats we have a property named originalNumberOfBooks like bellow
import {computedFrom, bindable} from 'aurelia-framework';
export class BookStats{
  @bindable books;
  @bindable originalNumberOfBooks;
  @computedFrom('originalNumberOfBooks', 'books.length')
  get addedBooks(){
      return this.books.length—this.originalNumberOfBooks;

then in books.html we bind to it as bellow
<require from="./book-stats"></require>
<book-stats if.bind="books.length > 0"

Then my question is why is the binding original-number-of-books.one-time instead of originalNumberOfBooks.one-time or originalnumberofbooks.one-time? is the kebob case in the html a convention and so should be followed for multi-worded properties?

when trying both originalNumberOfBooks.one-time or originalnumberofbooks.one-time I get a build error specifying to try the original-number-of-books instead.
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Ah ok yes that makes sense, apologies for the delayed reply.

Generally, the convention indicates that everything should be kebab-case in the view with the exception of when you have a JavaScript expression in you binding (for example: click.delegate="removeBook($index)").