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Please list errors found in the published version of Learn PowerShell Scripting in a Month of Lunches here. If necessary, we'll compile a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience. Thank you!

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Shouldn't the arrow direction on the figure 21.2 be the other way round?
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On the page 274 in the 'Lies and mysteries' section there should a space between Get-EventLog cmdlet and System parameter.
(Second line from the top of the page)
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Under heading 2.2 Windows PowerShell, the command $PSVersion-Table should not be hyphenated. It should be $PSVersionTable.
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Page 94, talking about removing modules

In this case, that means running Remove-Module ScriptingMOL, because ScriptingMOL is the module name (as defined by the subfolder name and the .psd1 filename).

The file it had you create just a page before and mentioned in the shaded box are all .psm1 extensions. At this point in the book, manifest files have not been mentioned.

Just a bit further down, in Our Take (10.5.3), manifests are discussed, but uses names of TMTools.psd1 and psm1, but in 10.5.2 it said to make a script module named MolTools, so the names don't line up.