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1.5.2 "Exploring the console" says

After you’ve signed up, you’ll be automatically taken to the Cloud Console, and a new project will be automatically created for you. You can think of a project like a container for your work, where the resources in a single project are isolated from the rest of the world. In other words, you should think of each project much like you would if you were a freelance developer working on a contract. Each contract would get it’s own project, so that when you’re done, you could hand the project over to your client.

This is all there is in the book to what a project means. The analogy isn't very helpful (freelance dev working on a contract), and we're lacking real practical details. I would have questions like how much isolation does a project provide? is each project isolated from each other? does that mean a different vlan for the instances in each project?
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Thanks for the heads up ! I've added a separate section to provide a bit more explanation here, since you're totally right that it's a pretty important concept to understand.