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Tjeerd in 't Veen (23) [Avatar] Offline
Hi there!

October was an important month for Swift in Depth. The first 5 chapters were reviewed by 12 developers from the iOS community and they worked hard and gave a lot of (mostly positive) feedback.

I can’t be thankful enough to the feedback I’ve gotten from the reviewers and the time they took! This really helps me improve the quality of the book.

Quotes from reviewers

Here are some motivating quotes from the reviewers.

“I think so far this book looks very good, can't wait for the rest of the book to come out.. I really wanna keep reading it.”

“A great book which introduce the Swift language through nice real-world examples in a relaxed and joyful manner”

“I am very excited about this book. It certainly isn't light reading, but the first 5 chapters explain things I've struggled to get my head around since I first started using it (Swift 1.2). “

“This book is much much valuable than all free online resources I read. I used some techniques listed in the book, but I seldom consolidate them into notes / categories. This maybe a good book to review periodically to see what skill is suitable to tackling certain problem.“

Since writing this book takes up all my evening and weekends, knowing that people are looking forward to the next chapters is very motivating!


Readers seemed to love the enums chapter the most, it surprised them in a lot of positive ways. Also the lazy properties section is very popular.

The fact that the book is talking about real-world concepts instead of “foo” and “bar” is also what the readers appreciated. So I will definitely keep that theme going.


The book isn’t perfect yet. Aside from grammatical errors, some improvements could be made.

Readers wanted exercises to be a lot more difficult. This is great to know and the difficulty of the exercises will definitely increase. So expect some new exercises for the first five chapters!

The optionals chapter is the most polarizing. Some people loved it:

“In my opinion this chapter was the strongest. In fact I just sat down to re-read it for this email ands I got pulled in again. I”

But some people thought it needed more work:

“I think chapter 5 optionals are too long, couldn't even finish it to read. Maybe the author would consider split it in two chapters?”

Some readers enjoyed the content, but wished for more diagrams. I think a book can't have enough diagrams so I will introduce more and make certain parts more clear.

Next up

Coming up, I will finish the chapter on generics and higher order functions. This chapter will be a strong source of information to help make generics a part of your daily programming, combined with higher order functions, your code will be superflexible!