ssharma (51) [Avatar] Offline
When I purchased there was a chapter in the book index on Machine learning. Now I do not see that chapter in the index. This is a cheating with your customer.

Jonathan Carroll (5) [Avatar] Offline
The very first draft table of contents had room for a chapter on linear regression (I don't think it was ever machine learning per se) towards the end of the book but this seemed out of place once we got that far; the entire rest of the book is on data preparation and that chapter would need to focus on analysis. I'm also being careful to decouple this book from teaching statistics, which I feel would be required in a chapter on regression.

The MEAP format allows readers to get in on the action during the early drafts. I don't think anything is guaranteed until the final publication. If you really feel that this would be in keeping with the rest of the book and I get enough people echoing your concern, we can of course revisit whether or not it should be included.