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Hi, first of all, thanks for this book. It is much needed and I look forward to using it a lot. I just received v3 of the MEAP and upon quick perusal, it seems to me that figures 9.27-9.29 are out of place. The ggplot2 formulas are calling for a column graph and these figures are maps of the US.
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Thanks for pointing this out - I completely missed that! It seems it's due to the way that the figures are generated and linked (R -> knitr -> Asciidoc -> Output). The code is correct, but the wrong figure is linked in, possibly overwritten from the later chapter. I'll make sure to add more context to the chunks so they don't get confused between chapters.

I mean... congratulations! You found the intentional error... smilie

Any comments anyone has on the content; good, bad, or indifferent, are most welcome!