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markrbower (13) [Avatar] Offline
Have been running the examples as I go and am enjoying the book. The explanations have been thorough, until I ran into listing 6.15, which had a cryptic note "Executing this example ... requires running a server." The linked website helped me get a http-server running on my machine, but I still can't get the example to run. I've started the http-server and can access it from a browser, but then how do I point my JavaScript code at the server? What would be helpful would be a step-by-step guide, much like what is done for each example in the book: "1. start the http-server, 2. ..."

Josip Maras (30) [Avatar] Offline

You can, for example install: (and to run npm, you need to install node:

Once you've done that, through your console, navigate to the book's source code folder (the one with folders chapter-01, chapter-02, etc.), and run: http-server.

This will start a local server at: localhost:8081. You can open that location using your browser, and through it navigate to http://localhost:8081/chapter-06/listing-6.15.html.

markrbower (13) [Avatar] Offline
Perfect! It took a bit of twiddling with the address, but it makes sense once you realize that the http-server considers the directory in which it starts to be the "root" or "home" directory. While easy to install, the http-server website is quite limited in regards to "help" or tutorials.

For my case, http-server gave the following notice:
$ http-server
Starting up http-server, serving ./
Available on:
Hit CTRL-C to stop the server

In my browser (Safari), I had to type

where I had to make sure that the URL address ( in the address I gave the browser. I point this out for others who are as familiar with running servers as I am (which is "not").

I'm sure this is trivial to those who already know, but such info is sometimes the hardest to find when you don't know.

Thank you!