Crahun (39) [Avatar] Offline
I miss this topic on chapter 16. I think it’s quite easy to explain in one subsection how to publish with nginx on lnux or Mac and we will have more alternatives. It’s one of the advantages of the .net core platform
Andrew Lock (51) [Avatar] Offline
I agree, it is definitely one of the advantages of ASP.NET Core, and in that respect it is conspicuous by it's absence. I could easily include a section on publishing on linux, but as I describe publishing from the command line, that's identical whether you're on Windows or Linux. The main thing missing is hosting on linux. Unfortunately, hosting on Linux is definitely not one subsection's worth of content.

For the target audience, that don't necessarily have web development experience, explaining how to configure Nginx or Apache is quite complicated, and outside the scope of this book. I think referring to the docs is probably the best approach in this case